Priceless first hug minutes after their birth

New kitties in the house

Oh hai iz Suka. I jus gaev birf to 2 healthy an beautiful kittehs. Im tird nao an busy takin care ov mah babiez. Im gonna let mah hooman mommy to teh talking for nao.

On Monday July 30, I had a loooong and nice nap on the couch. Suka curled herself against me in such an affectionate manner.  Since she got pregnant Suka’s behaviour changed drastically; she gradually stopped being the clumsy cat who dropped everything on her way and she spent most of her time sleeping- not that she didn’t do it before.  Her needs of long strokes became a pattern and if I’m not paying attention or sleeping, she’d send me a soft ‘Meow”, squinting her eyes in a way I could never resist.

I didn’t think for one minute that she’d deliver today for several reasons I learnt from reading and watching endless YouTube videos. She didn’t follow some of the patterns I expected that I was counting on:

– She didn’t stop eating two days earlier as I read on several blogs.

– She didn’t nest at all. We had an old suitcase with towels prepared for her, which she didn’t use. Instead, she delivered on the carpet of my bedroom.


Around 7 pm, Suka came to me meowing non-stop, and getting restless.  She followed me everywhere as if asking for help. I assumed she doesn’t know what’s happening to her. I immediately knew she was in labour.

We had an old suitcase prepared for her with clean towels fresh water, food and her litter box.

We isolated the other cat as not to stress her out.

I placed the suitcase in a dark corner of the living room but she kept running out of it.

I stayed next to her talking with a soft voice, reassuring her as much as I could. That took around an hour.

A few minutes before delivery she ran to my room, and pushed hard to open the door. I immediately understood that this is where she wants to have her kittens. It is the quietest room in the house and she probably felt it was safer.  I call it last minute nesting.

I didn’t resist, so I took the suitcase and placed it in my room. I put her in it and covered it with an old blanket. She stayed there for a while as long as I was next to her.

Suddenly- Oh my god what a sound- she was panting and panting and then suddenly screamed her lungs of like I’ve never heard before. She jumped restlessly out of the suitcase and started biting whatever small toy she saw on the floor. Seconds later, oops the first kitten was out. For half an hour she opened the placenta and ate it, did the same with the umbilical cord and started the cleaning process stimulating blood circulation and breathing.

What a sight when you see the newborn kittens move. She tried to rest for a little bit with her baby by her side.

Half an hour later, the second one came out- same process.

Funnily enough one of the two kittens is a loud and hungry dude. It was a piece of cake for him to find his milk spot.

The second one wasn’t drinking milk for half an hour, that’s when we interfered and placed him on her tit till he managed to do it. For the next day we kept supporting him in the feeding process. By the second day, he was able to do it on his own.

Where did we place the kittens?

It is important to have them in a box-like location, warm and dark.

I called the vet forty minutes after the delivery of the second kitten. I asked if it’s normal to have only two and he said it’s not unusual. I also asked if we could move the kittens to the place we had prepared and he said to do it cautiously using gloves – which I didn’t have (big mistake). He also mentioned that she might move them and in this case to control the environment she chooses to be safe for her and the little ones.

We got a bit worried when Suka was hiding under the bed leaving the kittens alone on the carpet. I didn’t know what to do. So I thought maybe she wants to feel secure under a cover, so I moved the kittens with a blanket into the suitcase, covered it and took Suka in. Big success, she didn’t move out of this place since. She’s with them all the time, and she only goes to eat and drink when they’re in deep sleep. It’s magnificent how she instantly reacts when she hears their little sounds. It’s a miracle to watch her respond as a loving and caring mother. She let me touch them but I rarely do it. Instead I check on her every now and then showing her the affection she deserves.

The kittens will stay with her for two months, and we will move  them to loving homes afterwards. That’s something we had prepared before the mating process. It is important to have a plan on what to do with the kittens and where they’re going to live. After that we’ll have her spayed.

I will be posting a video of the delivery process soon. Meanwhile enjoy the photo gallery of our new family members.

I need some sleeeep

The cutest mama

Suka dedicated to her little ones

That’s what we do all day, care for a drink?

Now we drink on our own

Second day, make way to Batman

Beautiful Suka trying to rest after an adventurous night

Milk is miiiine

Now can it get any cuter!

First signs of motherly affection

Welcome to our world little one

Priceless first hug minutes after their birth

Priceless first hug minutes after their birth

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